We are a small family (me, my husband and my son) doing an insane amount of work and loving every minute of it. Okay, maybe not every minute but we do love a lot of those minutes!

My name is Hope and I am the Executive Director of the Sanctuary. That may look really impressive on a business card, but what it really means is that I spend about 12 out of 24 hours a day cleaning (did I mention we are one of the few places that will take an incontinent or housetraining-challenged dog?); rarely leave the house (and when I do, I’m usually headed to the vet); have learned to sleep for three hours a night with one eye open and one foot on the floor; wear pajamas most of the time (which are typically covered in eye slime, pig nose, drool and other questionable substances); and that I work for free without ever having a day off, and havenít been on a vacation in over a decade. But you know what? I LOVE it and I love them. All of them. I wouldn’t dream of doing anything else  which either means I’m extremely dedicated to what I consider my life’s work, or I’m clinically insane. TBD.

Erik is my husband who spends a lot of hours working so our vet won’t repossess the house. Erik is sort of a night owl, and I’m an early bird so there is usually someone awake to take care of all the issues that seem to happen at in-opportune times. Like Possum having to go potty at 3 a.m., Nigel starting his morning barking ritual at 4:30 a.m., or June staying up all night pacing. Erik’s specialty is shaving messy butts, getting the wrath of Peanut when we have to perform some emergency procedure on him, and trying to get our crazy goat Lola inside the coop at night (which can take hours).

Oliver is our official Love Technician. Oliver describes himself as lovable, kind and responsible. All great qualities to have if you are going to be a love technician! Oliver’s specialty is being able to get everyone to quiet down when they go on their howling sprees. He is much loved by Chester who spends his time guarding Oliver so nobody else can come near him.

Irene Coleman – Volunteer Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

Bill Stough – Board President

Chris Ewing – Treasurer

Hope Morgan – Secretary